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    Extreme, dizzying nature

    Stretch yourself and test your own limits when you encounter steeply sloping paths or find yourself running vertically…

    Hikers beware! In the Ossau valley, nature is rich in extreme sensations. It lives and breathes to the rhythm of trail runners who will find a natural track revealing numerous technical difficulties. Here, we run on motivation! Climbing the Via Ferrata de Siala gives you a delicious adrenalin rush!

    This dizzying world can be explored alone or, from the age of 10, with a guide.

    gourette eaux-bonnes canyoning

    The most beautiful canyoning location in the Pyrenees

    Sculpted from magnificent gorges where waterfalls tumble, our Ossau valley is known as the most beautiful place in the Pyrenees by those who love canyoning. Accompanied by a professional guide, put your harness on and go off exploring these natural gorges studded with waterfalls. Launch yourself on natural toboggans or jump from pool to pool in a heady mix of sport and refreshment.

    Emotions au clair de Lune

    Up there, in the moonlight

    When night falls, the mountain becomes your secret partner. Set off from the resort, put on your Nordic skis to tackle a marked, safe route over our ski area. It will take you to the Cotch plateau (4,150 km long, change in altitude: 550 m (1375 m – 2130 m).

    Experience adventure on the scale of the Great North. Share the appeal of the forest in a dogsled, listen to the soft crunching of the fresh snow beneath the weight of your snow shoes, watch the snow falling from a cosy wooden shelter or try spending the night in an igloo! Don’t forget to relax in an open-air Nordic hot tub heated by a wood fire.

    gourette la tête dans les étoiles

    With your head in the stars

    When dusk falls it becomes your guide to the Aubisque Pass. Bathed in the last rays of sunlight, the horizon is laid out before you in a 360°C view, displaying all the summits of the chain of the Pyrenees. The coppery tones slowly melt into a dark blue sky. With your eye glued to your telescope in the starry August night, you will find yourself standing on the edge of the craters of the moon.

    Sensations, hors du temps

    Hiking, beyond time…

    Spend a night in a renovated shepherd’s hut!

    Nothing will disturb your rambler’s peace except perhaps a chamois. Let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating magic of the depths of nature. Use of our Bouy, Coste Goua, and Arre huts is free and they are open from spring to autumn.

    You ca also opt to climb majestic peaks like the Pic du Gerand the legendary Pic du Midi d’Ossau. At the top, stand amazed at the view opening up before you. Drink in the sight of the turquoise waters of our lakes, share the trails with our marmots which will run across your path and enjoy the moment when a vulture catches the wind.

    Our experts are available to help you organise your hiking: